04 Jul

What Can A Good Food Processor Do For You?

A food processor is rightfully sometimes called the kitchen workhorse since it can replace and carry out the tasks of many individual kitchen appliances including a knife, stand mixer, blender, grater and mortar. Not just this, but where the other simpler tools like knife and mortar use much of your time and energy in completing the task, a food processor does much of the work on its own, saving your time and energy to be used elsewhere. One of the qualities of a good food processor is its versatility since it can carry out most of the difficult, time consuming tasks involved in cooking. If you are in search of a great food processor you should not go out looking for it unless you are fully informed. You should know that if the manufacturers are charging good money for a food processor there are a bunch of basic functions that they must be providing in return.

Here are some basic functions you need to be looking for in a food processor:


Even the simplest models can perform this function or you can say chopping is the primary function of a food processor. The multi-purpose blade fitted inside the bowl, also called the S blade, serves many purposes including chopping of the ingredients. By controlling the time for which the machine runs, you can control the size of the chopped ingredients. The pulse control available in most food processors is a good option for coarsely chopping the ingredients.


The shredding disc of the food processor is the best means for quickly shredding cheese to use it as a topping for homemade pizza or lasagna. The same disc can also be used to shred vegetables like carrots or cucumbers for salads and potatoes for making hash browns.


The slicing disc comes in handy very often for any recipe that requires sliced fruits or vegetables. Where it would take you ages to slice vegetables using a knife for a simple salad for a dinner party, it takes you minutes to set out a beautiful salad dish with the help of a food processor. You simply need to place the slicing disc on top of the shaft going through the center of the bowl and fix the lid. Then drop the fruits or vegetables one by one through the feed chute into the disc.


Most food processors include a specialized dough blade for kneading pizza, pie, bread and cookie dough. Instead of working your arm muscles and using unnecessary time to knead dough by hand, you can add the ingredients to the processing bowl fitted with the dough blade and let the machine knead the perfect dough for you.

Here are some additional useful functions that some food processors include:


Some food processors include a whisk for whisking cream and egg whites for making cake, frostings and more. This is a useful accessory if you do not have a beater available. Even if you have a beater, the best food processor is the fastest way to whisk ingredients find more information like cream and eggs rather than a beater or a hand whisk.

Citrus press:

Another useful accessory is a citrus press that comes available with some food processors and makes an expensive appliance called a citrus juicer absolutely unnecessary to keep in your kitchen. This attachment is sufficient to juice out citrus fruits such as grapefruits, oranges and lemons.


Some good food processors even include a blender jar attachment that can fix onto the base of the machine and blend smoothies and milkshakes for you.

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