03 Jul

Why should we buy Massage Chair Pad?

Having some trouble with your back? Is your neck also hurting? Do you also have some knots in your muscles which you need to work on? Well look no further, because all your problems have the same solution – massage chair pad. Some people, including myself, are not comfortable with some people massaging us. Thus, you can say bye to the whole idea of having a massage, which is relaxation of your body. For such circumstances, we are provided with appliances like massage chair pad.

Massage chair pad usually work by inflating and deflating the airbags, gently squeezing the tensed areas of your body. For deep massages, some techniques like percussion are also introduced in new massage chair pad. This technique is specifically done with the use of nodes. These nodes assemble themselves to the area where the massage is required and provide you with the best massage you can have. Some of the massage chair pad also use vibrations or heating infrared heating pads which help you relax your body.

Massage chair pad vs Massage chairs

If we start comparing massage chairs with massage cushion there is no doubt that massage chair pad would come up on top. Here are some things explained on how a massage cushion is much better than having the whole massage chair.

Having a massage cushion is better since it is portable and also very light to carry. On the other hand, massage chairs are so heavy that once positioned at a place, you cannot move it according to your will. You can also use massage chair pad while you are travelling on long routes, for your back or neck pain. Just make sure that you are not using it while on the driver’s seat.

Due to its portability, massage chair pad can be used anywhere, on your sofa or even your favorite chair. While for a massage chair you would have to move yourself to get on the chair for a massage. For the people who are very conscious for the matching of their furniture and decor, a massage cushion can be a perfect buy since it comes in all colors, shapes and sizes.

Anyone can afford a massage cushion, since it is very cheap yet more durable. Thus a massage chair gets defeated in financial matter too. Although a massage chair provides you with a full range of body massage, but due to its complex installation and expensive prices people choose massage chair pad over massage chairs.

Massage chair pad are designed to give massages to the general population having the height of 5’3 to 6’2 inch. Any individual taller or shorter than this height may not be able to get all the benefits a massage cushion has to offer whereas a massage chair can provide a massage for people of any size. Massage Chair Pad Buying Guide (Updated 2019) is the all in one source to purchase any types of massage cushion and read reviews.

Just keep in mind of not sleeping on your massage chair pad, with it being turned on. This will cause bruises in your muscles and make your back or neck hurt more.

Now, since you know the different benefits of a massage chair pad over a massage chair, I hope that you are able to decide which one to buy according to your needs.